About Warm And Dry ……….

My sobriety date is January 2, 2003.  I hope I never change it because it’s “one, two, three.”   And that’s coooool.  🙂

I am mostly here to purge a little and don’t very much expect anyone to read this or care.  While AA is what got me sober and what keeps me sober, I do not consider myself an AA spokesperson.  Within this blog, I plan to keep myself anonymous and will try to avoid stating where I live or anything else that may reasonably identify me.

It’s also important to know that while I recognize that people get sober and stay sober a variety of different ways,  AA is my way – and that I’m not here to “convert” people.  I also feel that it must be said that if I should relapse – and I don’t plan to today – then it’s important to remember that AA never failed me.  In that case it would be ME who failed me, and that I would have failed myself by no longer doing the things that worked.

If a person goes off their diet, no one jumps to the conclusion that the diet didn’t work.  If someone who is mentally ill stops taking their medicine, no one blames the medicine for “not working.”  However, many will jump to the conclusion that Alcoholic’s Anonymous doesn’t work.   This is why I’m protecting my identity.  It’s not out of shame or any other sordid thing.

I have a sponsor.  I have a home group.  I attend a step meeting.  I have gratitude.   I pray.  I work the steps.  These things not only keep me sober, but improve the quality of my life.

I have a boyfriend from the program who I love very much and we now live together. I have a son who I love most dearly.  My boyfriend’s grandchildren are one of the most precious additions to my life.  I never dreamed I could have such a beautiful family and I never imagined having one so big.  I’m very lucky.  I like my job.   Life is pretty good.  It’s as good today as it was bad some years ago.



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