Raffle Ticket

My son and I went out to a street festival here in town the other day, and I ran into a beloved friend of my dad’s.  We hugged and did the whole “how you do” thing before he offered me a raffle ticket.  Now, I LOVE this man.  LOVE him.  Knowing he’s a veteran and belongs to tons of organizations, I didn’t have to be a psychic to know it was for a good cause.  I handed him a dollar, filled in my info on the stub and hugged him goodbye.  Cramming my half of the ticket in my pocket, I never looked at it.  My son and I enjoyed music, food, running into friends, and some booth-browsing.

When I got home, I took it out of my pocket.  I realized I didn’t even know what the grand prize was.  I looked at it.  It simply said, “Truckload of Party Goodies (See Back).”  Turning it over, my jaw dropped.  It reads:


“18 pk Coors (or light)

18 pk Budweiser (or light)

18 pk Michelob (or light)

750 ml  Southern Comfort

1 Liter of Peachtree

750 ml  V.O.

1 Liter Jack Daniels

750 ml J&B

750 ml Bacardi Rum

750 ml Sauza Tequila

750 ml Goldschlager

750 ml Kahlua

(2) 6 packs Smirnoff Ice

(4) 4 packs wine coolers

12pk Mike’s Hard Lemonade ……

[It then goes on to list other party goods like potato chips , steak, coffee, turkey, ham, etc.]”

2nd Prize: 

” 10 lb Beef Roast, 1 Liter Captain Morgan.”

3rd Prize: 

10 lb Ham, 1 Liter of Jack Daniels

4th Prize:

20 lb Frozen Turkey, 750 ml Wild Turkey

5th Prize: 

1 Liter of Kahlua


So.  I’ll bet you ANYTHING that I – of all people – will win the grand prize.  It would be just my luck.  My Higher Power has a strange sense of humor.  LOL.



One thought on “Raffle Ticket

  1. Good Lord, somebody does have a sense of humor! What would they give you a wheelbarrow to truck it home with??? Glad you are not overly-sensitive and took it in stride. Win the turkey and give the Wild Turkey as a gift!! Good luck 🙂

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