I know it’s sometimes hard to think of Syria — it’s so far away. But please do. The world is bigger than us.

The She Chronicles

I have been weeping since last night about everything that has exploded on the news and social media about what is occurring in Syria.  It is horrible over there, a slaughter.  Children are being blown away by their own leader.  My heart aches for the people of Syria.

Keep It Simple Saturday is dedicated to the people of Syria.  If you could take just a small moment and think of them, say a simple prayer of safety for them; just take a moment…for them.  I wish for peace for the people of Syria if just for one moment of today, peace and safety.  The world wishes this for them.

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  1. bats0711 says:

    Thank you! The one thing different about Syria then the rest of the Middle East conflict is that it’s gripped my heart. I would love so much to walk up to every kid in Syria, hug them and tell them that I love them. That will never happen but I so wish for peace for just 24 hours for them. Just 24 hours.

    • Becki says:

      One gift of sobriety has been learning the world is bigger than me, having more empathy …… and sometimes it hurts. But it puts in perspective how a lot of my “problems” are “luxury problems.” I’m glad I read your post because in our Eurocentric society, we tend to forget about other countries.

      • bats0711 says:

        I hear you! I have a lot of luxury problems. I now tend to think that no matter how much I think I am going through, there is always someone who feels and IS going through so much more.

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